C3x TADS Features

Version 5.2 of the Tartan Ada Software Development System was introduced to the Digital Signal Market in 1997 for the TMS320C30, 31 &32 Digital Signal Processors offered by Texas Instruments®. The Tartan Ada Development System (TADS) consists of the following:

  1. Cross-Compiler with five optimization levels
  2. The Ada Librarian
  3. The Ada Runtime System
  4. An Inter-processor Support Package
  5. Several Ada Language Packages; Standard Packages, Runtime Client Interface Package, Intrinsic Package, Machine Code Package and a Math Package
  6. The Linker
  7. An Adascope Debugger
  8. Tools and Utilities
  9. Supporting Documentation

In addition to the Tartan Ada Development System (TADS), several other tools are available for licensing to support the programming efforts such as:

  1. (ASM) Assembler to generate assembly code.
  2. (SIM) Adascope Simulator provides a functional simulation of the target DSP's ISA.
  3. (ATK) AdaTrak Profiler measures the real time performance of your code running on the target DSP.
  4. (RTRK) Runtime Reference Kit provides the user with access to the source code for augment debugging capabilities.
  5. (RTMK) Runtime Modification Kit provides user with the ability to modify the runtime codes, build scripts or completely edit the runtime codes.
  6. (RTINT) Runtime Internal Use License provides user with ability to produce Object files for internal use and testing.
  7. (RTOBJ) Runtime Object Production Use License provides user with an ability to License Runtime Objects for prototyping and production use.